Bonsai Tasks for October

Autumn did arrive earlier this year. It is now time to start getting our Bonsai ready for the long cold winter months ahead.

Now is a time to study in detail how your Bonsai Tree has fared during the past year. Has it developed finer branching? How can you help it develop more branches? Consider your Bonsai's pruning needs, does the bonsai need some structural pruning, identify areas and mark it for pruning later in the new year. Prune your bonsai for finer branching next year.

Take the time to look closely at your Bonsai, look for how your new buds have set, are they likely to flower of leaf buds. Work out if you need additional or specialist fertiliser for your trees

Look for pest and bugs on your Bonsai, their eggs, larvae and adults may be in plain sight or hidden in the crevices of your bonsai's trunk, roots, bark and branches. For the pest that you cannot see fungus, mould and rust, perhaps consider a winter wash.

Take this opportunity to clean off the moss and algae that may have grown at the base of your trunk and work the nebari to help it develop a better bark and greater root flare.

Finally, protect the Bonsai from the coming cold. If the Bonsai is a Tropical Species and not frost hard it is best help in a well light and heated greenhouse or brought indoors and kept in a well light, ventilated place and looked after as required over winter. If it is a native and hardy species, then store in a cool greenhouse, out of constant rain chilling winds. Remember, that native trees do need a prolonged period of dormancy to grow at their best next year, so ensure that they get they cold they need to properly shut down. Keep the room that you have well ventilated, but not draughty.

Be mindful of the watering need of your Bonsai, as even though they may be dormant, they still require some water to carry out their respiratory and normal functions. Do not let the Bonsai Dry out .At Ma-Ke Bonsai we water our Bonsai only when the surface of the Pot has dried, and we use a solution of Ma-Ke Tonic with which to water them. It is used diluted at 10 ml per litre of water and the bonsai pot is given a through soaking with this solution. 

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Mark D'Cruz
Bonsai Artist and Teacher

The Ma-Ke Bonsai You Tube Channel

While we have been creating Video and doing TV Shows for a few years now, we have decided to create a  We currently have 10 Beginner Videos on line and we hope to have a lot more on soon. We would love your feed back and do let us know what you would like to see.

Beginners Bonsai Course 2015

The Bonsai School Classes Calendar 2015 is here, we have begun to finalise and publish the Date for our Bonsai Classes and Workshops for 2015. So book you place now before they are gone

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