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Open Bonsai Workhsop (Feltham, London) 2 Jun 24

As the season transitions, our bonsai trees demand special attention. Join us as we delve into essential tasks tailored for this growth stage - to ensure your bonsai flourishes amidst the changing landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your skills and cultivate a masterpiece.

Open Bonsai Workhsop (Feltham, London) 2 Jun 24
Open Bonsai Workhsop (Feltham, London) 2 Jun 24

Time & Location

02/06/2024, 10:00 – 15:00 GMT+1

Feltham, 92 Raleigh Rd, Feltham TW13 4LS, UK


About the event

Use this workshop to guide the development of your bonsai.

You'll perform essential tasks tailored to your bonsai's unique needs at the Open Bonsai Workshop. Here’s what you can expect:

Spring Preparation: Gear up with the right tools and materials, such as soil, pots, pruning shears, and wire, to ensure you're fully equipped for the season.

Repotting: Capitaliase on spring's growth onset to refresh your bonsai's soil and address root-bound conditions. Select the right soil mix and pot size for optimal development.

Pruning: Shape your bonsai and promote desirable growth patterns by strategically cutting back branches, twigs, and occasionally roots. This will preserve its miniature stature while boosting visual appeal.

Debudding: Remove selected new buds to influence the growth direction of branches and enhance the form of your bonsai, which is vital for flowering varieties to improve bloom size and quality.

De-wiring: Inspect and adjust any wiring from previous sessions to prevent bark damage as your bonsai’s branches expand.

These unstructured sessions focus on hands-on practice under guidance, making them invaluable for beginners and experienced enthusiasts who want to perfect their bonsai care skills.

The number of Bonsai you can work on during the day depends on the Bonsai and the task that needs to be done. Bring a few of your bonsai, and you can work on them under expert guidance.

If you don't have a Bonsai, you can buy one.

Language: Please note the Workshop is conducted in English. Mark D'Cruz will hold classes.

Venue: Deans Den, 92 Raleigh Rd, Feltham TW13 4LS, UK

General Instruction: We will work outdoors under shelter, so please dress for the weather. Please bring a Packed Lunch. We will have a short lunch break around Midday.

Places are limited, so book your seat as soon as possible.

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  • Open Bonsai Workshop (London)

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