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Beginners Bonsai Course

The Beginners Bonsai Course will give you the skill you need to confidently manage and grow your bonsai. The course aims to teach you the skills necessary to keep your bonsai healthy and vibrant. This course is aimed at the absolute beginner. You don't even need to have a bonsai! Just the will to want to learn how to grow bonsai.

101: Basic Bonsai Care

You will be introduced to our nine-point system on managing and caring for your bonsai and how to keep it alive and well.  You will study the basics of where to locate your bonsai, how to water, feeding bonsai and other housekeeping tasks that need to be undertaken to ensure a healthy vibrant bonsai.

102: Bonsai Pruning

Bonsai is a living growing and transient art form and as such has to be continuously managed and cared for from day to day from week to week and season to season. To maintain the bonsai miniature size one has to continuously prune bonsai. This module will introduce you to the basics of bonsai pruning, when to prune, how to prune and what to prune. 

103: Bonsai Repotting

Bonsai are grown in a small container with a limited amount of soil, which needs to be replenished from time to time. This module teaches how to recognise if a bonsai needs repotting and how to repot it. Basic soil science, repotting techniques and methodologies are covered to ensure that you have successful stress-free repotting.



Ma-Ke Bonsai, 66 Harvey Road, Whitton, Greater London, TW4 5LU


Dates and Duration

The Beginners Bonsai Course is conducted over 3 consecutive 3rd Sunday's of the month. New Beginners Course begin in January, April and  July and October.  



The 10 am - 4 pm. Please arrive 10 min earlier for registration.


Course Fees

The Beginners Bonsai Course Fees are £150. 


General Information

Tea and Coffees will be provided through the day. Please bring a packed lunch, there will be a short break between morning and afternoon sessions. Please dress warmly as we work both in the studio and outdoors in the nursery and London weather

can be very changeable.

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