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Mă-Kè School of  Bonsai 

Formed in 2008 Mă-Kè School of Bonsai provides a comprehensive range of bonsai courses and workshops for all levels of bonsai artists.

Conducted over 3 day long  sessions spread over three months. The course aims to teach you the skills necessary to keep your bonsai healthy and vibrant. This course is aimed at the absolute beginner. You don't even need to have a bonsai! Just the will to want to learn how to grow bonsai.


The Bonsai Expert Academy aims which can be taken over a one or two year period aims to give you a more holistic and comprehensive skill set and understanding of bonsai. The Academy is meant for people who have already discovered the joys of bonsai, perhaps have already a few bonsai and are looking to push themselves to the next level. ​

The Master Student Programme is through the Bonsai Expert Academy and it is aimed at bonsai enthusiast who are looking to pursue a career in the field of Bonsai. The intake into the Programme is thru the  Academy.​

Open Workshops are un-structured workshops to which bonsai enthusiast work bring their bonsai for direction or advise on their bonsai. The groups are kept small so we can work in a cordial and friendly atmosphere while learning from each other and our bonsai. Enthusiasts of all skill levels are welcome. These workshops are popular with past students and clients so book well in advance...​