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Monterey Cypress

Cupressus macrocarpa

A large coniferous flat-top tree is Native to Coastal California, they can grow to 35 meters in sheltered locations. They were introduced into the UK is 1838, they have a columnar crown when young that become irregular as they age. Its green scales leaves are lemony scented, and its flack white-brown bark makes it an attractive tree.

Monterey Cypress Bonsai
Monterey Cypress Bonsai

Styles & Sizes: They make stately medium to large Bonsai in most upright styles. Position: They prefer a full-sun location but can tolerate semi-shady spots, sturdy species for bonsai that can tolerate coastal and even windy conditions.

Watering: Water thoroughly early in the morning as the Cypress need a lot of water, likes to have a moist soil but is prone to root rot if left standing in water overnight.

Feeding: Apply a balanced organic feed, if using a liquid feed apply every two weeks, if using a granular version apply once every couple of months. Apply from spring to mid-summer and then again from the end of summer to end of autumn. The Lawson likes acidic soil, so it appreciates a couple of applications of Miracid. A dose of Epsom salts in Midsummer will help enrich the leaf colour.

Repotting: Cypress like a humus rich well-draining soil and younger plants need to repotted every year, while older one as an when the pots become root-bound. Prune as much as a third of the root ball but do not bare root the Hinoki. Use a mix of loam, well-mulched bark and sharp sand in equal parts by volume. Alternatively, you can use Akadama and Pumice and well-mulched bark in equal parts too.

Pruning: Prune Cypress lead tip regularly, this allows for the shoot tips to lignify and at the same time let light to reach deeper into the crown.

Wiring: The styling of the Lawson is best carried out with the clip and grow method. If needed you can wire the lignified branches in Autumn but remove before growth starts in spring.

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